Sunday, March 24, 2013

8 & 9 Months Old

Ok I'm getting really bad about blogging each month but I am still determined to sit down and write when Ellie gives me a chance.  So this is what Ellie has been doing so far in 2013.

Grandma Susan, Ellie, and Garrett

Ellie started daycare full time at the beginning of February.  She is very active and it was not possible for Susan to keep up with the business and Ellie.  I believe she is very well taken care of there and I like that she can interact with other children.  She has gotten a few colds and a stomach virus since starting daycare but no major illnesses yet.

We even got a Valentine gift from her!

Ellie got her first tooth (well 2 teeth started coming in on the bottom at the same time) right after she turned 8 months old

She is still teething so everything still goes right in her mouth

She is cruising very well

And pulling herself up to stand against things.  She has even been standing on her own for about 5 seconds before she sits back down or grabs a hold of something.

She is still picky about eating, but she likes finger foods like cheerios and puffs.  We are trying a little bit of food that we eat to see if she likes it.

In her snowsuit. The snow was pretty hard here so she couldn't really crawl around.

A playdate with Annabelle and Graham.  Annabelle is 11 months and Ellie is 8 months.

I dont' even know what to do with that hair, lol.

Babbling and cruising!
She is babbling ba-ba, da-da-,and ma-ma. She is pretty talkative and will scream when she is really excited.  She likes to imitate the sounds we make at her.

She is walking around very well with this activity walker.  She loves this thing! She can pull herself up on it and start walking without any help. She can even turn it around by herself by scooting around to the other side.

Sitting in the toy basket.  She climbed in here all by herself.

9 Month Checkup:

Ellie had her 9 months checkup on March 18th.  She weighs 16 pounds 12 ounces and measured 29 inches long.  She is a little below average on weight and 90th percentile on length.  Overall our pediatrician said she looked great and is developing very well.

Other tid bits about Ellie:

She likes drinking cold water from a regular cup, pretending to talk on the phone, and trying to put things like her pacifier in our mouths.

She enjoys peek-a-boo and when daddy puts her upside down.

She enjoys taking her clothes out of her drawers and throwing them. She can even open the kitchen cabinet doors now so we have to baby proof those asap.

She still loves bath time.  We are looking at starting swimming lessons for her very soon at the YMCA.

She is sleeping through the night finally.  Ever since she started daycare she has rarely woken up in the middle of the night.  She doesn't nap very well at daycare so this may be why...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

6 & 7 Months Old

So I'm a little late on keeping everyone up to date with Ellie. With the holidays last month and Garrett and I trying to get our house in order to put it on the market we have been pretty busy. Also, now that Ellie is becoming more and more active it has been difficult for me to have free time and energy in order to sit down and blog. Every time I go to the computer she loves to try to play with it! Enough with the excuses though, I am going to continue to blog even if it takes me all day to put this post together! Since I did not do last months blog I've decided to put 6 and 7 months in one post since Ellie is now 7 months old.  So here is what Ellie has been up to from the end of November until now....

Ellie started sitting on her own very well the week before Thanksgiving
About 23 weeks old


Aunt Becca

Grandma Susan and Becca

Great Aunt Betty

Grandpa Scott

Grandpa Tony

Our family

Aunt Jessi with me and Ellie

Uncle Wes

Ellie jumping for Jessi

Dad, me, and Jessi

6 month Doctor checkup on December 17th:

  • Ellie weighed 15 pounds 2 ounces and measured 26 1/2 inches long. She is now average length and just below average on weight.
  • She got the flu shot in addition to the same shots as her 4 month checkup.
  • Her next appointment will be her 9 month checkup in March

Having fun with Grandpa Tony!
Grandma Susan taking shots of Ellie

Making funny faces!
Sitting in the grocery cart for the first time

Playdate with Annabelle (8 1/2 months) and Ellie 6 months

Definitely teething but no teeth yet!

Having fun trying finger foods!

Helping us make cookies but opening the bag of kisses!

Daddy and Ellie right before Christmas

Starting to get on the her knees

Meeting Santa!

Starting to make a move for her presents

Ellie's 1st Christmas

I had to include this moment since she's not happy all the time! lol

Susan, Me, Becca, and Great Grandma Rita

The week of Christmas Ellie hit some major milestones!

She began to crawl backwards and then go to sitting position on her own.  By New Years Day Ellie started to crawl! This past week she has been crawling very well. She is also trying to pull herself to stand on her own.  She is able to do this on her own now so there is no telling when she will start walking! Considering she just turned 7 months old, her development is pretty advanced so far. She is one curious and adventurous girl and doesn't stay still for very long.  Keeping her occupied is sometimes a challenge, but we are loving every moment with her.

Other facts about Ellie:

She still wears a size 2 diaper! She is hopefully moving up to size 3 in a couple of weeks
She is now wearing 9 month clothes, but they are a little big on her right now.
She does not sleep through the night yet.  I am hoping to change this very soon!
She is not a fan of baby food right now.  She is interested in picking up finger food on her own but she only likes to eat baby food when she can hold the spoon too- I guess she thinks she is already a big girl!